Thousands of years ago, the local aboriginal tribes discovered the spring and later introduced the early European pastoralists and miners of Ballarat to the cool, fresh water that flowed from the side of the extinct volcano, Mt Warrenheip. The purity and quality of the premium water attracted a number of beverage industries to caterfor the needs of the nearby Ballarat goldfields.

The Warrenheip breweries near the spring were already well established and in 1864 Mr Henry Brind, opened Brind’s Distillery – the first of its kind in Australia. This claimed “the only place where pot stilled whisky was manufactured in the colony.” The breweries closed at the turn of the century and gave way to only bottlingnatural spring waters.

Cottonwood Springs has re-established the plant after 100 yearson the grounds of the original magnificent old bluestone buildings. Now heritage listed by the National trust due to its historical significance to Australia.


Cottonwood Springs is the most premium spring water source in Australia. With its high balanced mineral content and soft smooth taste, we endeavour to share with the world the natural pure water of Cottonwood Springs. We have exciting plans to extend the modern bottling plant to cater for the needs of the Australian market. Our goal is for Cottonwood Springs to be the top selling premium water brand. As an eco and carbon friendly company, we constantly seek ways to use renewable energy to power our bottling plant and keep it environmental friendly. We also believe in giving back to the community, and invite you to take part in our community ventures.



Made In Australia

The water from Cottonwood
Springs comes one of Australia’s
best water sources. Our water is
proudly Australian owned and
bottled within our own
bottling plant.

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